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Episode 15: Radegundis Tavares

Episode 15: Radegundis Tavares

October 15, 2021


Join me for a conversation with Radegundis Tavares, President of The International Horn Society!

Radegundis Tavares has been developing a career of important accomplishments. He was the first president of the Brazilian Horn Association and has recorded the first CD of a Brazilian brass player playing standard European classical repertoire, entitled “Universal”, as much as the first CD featuring improvisation on the Horn by a Brazilian player, entitled “Radegundis Tavares”. Radegundis hosted the first two Brazilian Horn Meetings and the first International Horn Symposium in Latin America – IHS49. 

He has been premiering many works for Horn in a great variety of formations, specially Brazilian Music from distinguished Brazilian composers such as José Ursicino da Silva “Maestro Duda”, J. Orlando Alves, Marcílio Onofre, Liduino Pitombeira and Eli-Eri Moura – many of these Works were dedicated to Radegundis. He has acted as a soloist playing traditional repertoire, virtuosic works and Brazilian popular music. 
Radegundis did his under-graduate and graduate courses in the Federal University of Paraiba and had as his Horn professor Cisneiro de Andrade and as his research supervisor Luis Ricardo Silva Queiroz. During his master degree Radegundis started to research about the Horn learning and the performance of Brazilian popular music in this instrument and many publications were made from this project. 

Besides his performances as soloist and chamber musician, Radegundis played as a guest with many orchestras. Since 2008 he is full time professor of Horn at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and has released in June of 2019 his third solo CD entitled “Sounds from my home”. Radegundis’ recordings can be found on main streaming platforms. 

Episode Highlights

  • Current teaching and performing positions
  • Why Radegundis got involved with the IHS
  • Plans he has for the future of the IHS
  • Learning how to promote yourself, get closer to the public
  • Making the IHS more international
  • “Remember why you got involved with the IHS.”
  • Playing Tips, How he stays in shape as a horn player with a busy schedule
  • Hosting the 49th International Horn Symposium
  • Forming the Brazilian Horn Association
  • Music education in Brazil
  • Recordings
  • Website:
  • Crossing over into popular music
  • “The most important thing is to be together with people.”
  • Shoutout to Marcus Bonna!
  • Brazilian composers to check out!
Episode 14: Catherine Likhuta

Episode 14: Catherine Likhuta

September 15, 2021


Join me in Episode 2 of Season 2 for a discussion with composer and pianist Catherine Likhuta!

Catherine is an Australian-based composer, pianist and recording artist. Her music exhibits high emotional charge, programmatic nature and rhythmic complexity. Catherine’s pieces have been played extensively around the world, including highly prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage), Glyndebourne Opera House (Organ Room), five International Horn Symposiums and two World Saxophone Congresses, as well as many festivals and conferences. Her works have enjoyed performances by prominent symphony orchestras (such as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra of the National Radio of Ukraine), chamber ensembles (such as Atlantic Brass Quintet, Ensemble Q, NU CORNO and U.S. Army Field Band Horns) and soloists (including former president of the North American Saxophone Alliance Griffin Campbell and president of the International Horn Society Andrew Pelletier). Catherine has held residencies at Tyalgum Music Festival, North Carolina NewMusic Initiative, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of Georgia and other institutions. She is a two-time winner of the International Horn Society Composition Contest (virtuoso division) and a recipient of several awards, including two grants from the Australia Council for the Arts. Her music can be heard on Albany, Cala, Equilibrium and Summit Records.

Catherine’s wind band works have enjoyed performances by dozens of wind ensembles, including prominent groups such as SUNY Potsdam Crane Wind Ensemble, Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony, University of Georgia Hodgson Wind Ensemble and University of Kentucky Wind Symphony. Her music has been played at Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival (Sydney), CBDNA Conference (Norman, OK) and Midwest Clinic (Chicago, IL).

Catherine holds a Bachelor's degree in jazz piano from Kyiv Glière Music College, a five-year post-graduate degree in composition from the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv Conservatory) and a PhD in composition from the University of Queensland. She is an active performer, often playing her own music. She was the soloist on the premiere and the CD recording of Out Loud, her piano concerto commissioned by the Cornell University Wind Ensemble, and the pianist on Adam Unsworth’s CD Snapshots

Episode Highlights

  • How she ended up in the US, then Australia
  • “You can be a freelance composer, but not a freelance mathematician…”
  • Cultural differences between Ukraine and US
  • Collaborations with Adam Unsworth, Peter Luff, Denise Tryon
  • Advice for young composers
  • Networking advice from a mathematician
  • “Write the music you believe in…”
  • Shoutout to Dana Wilson, Alexander Shuhan, Nancy Joy!
  • Horn/Saxophone Rivalry
  • Writing for low horn
  • “Horn is such an amazing storyteller…”
  • “If you write awkward music, it’s not going to come out sounding nice…”
  • “I’m a geriatric millennial.”
  • For details and audio samples of Cathy’s music, visit
Episode 13: Yasmeen Richards

Episode 13: Yasmeen Richards

August 27, 2021


We kick off Season 2 of the Horn Call Podcast with Yasmeen Richards, a free-lance musician based in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and teacher of horn at the Peabody Preparatory and Baltimore Symphony’s OrchKids. Yasmeen is also acting president and co-founder of the Chromatic Brass Collective.

Episode Highlights

  • Growing up in Southern California
  • Early study on the horn with Annie Bosler
  • “Lead with what you love.”
  • Studying at UCLA
  • Graduate study at Peabody and Denise Tryon
  • Working at IHS 47 in Los Angeles
  • Founding Chromatic Brass Collective:
  • Shoutouts to Annie Bosler and Denise Tryon!
  • What’s coming up for Chromatic Brass
Episode 12: Robert Watt

Episode 12: Robert Watt

July 15, 2021


Join us in Episode 12 for a conversation with Robert Lee Watt, who was a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic horn section for 37 years and an active studio musician. Bob was the first African-American hornist hired by a major symphony orchestra in the United States. 

Episode Highlights

Episode 11: Douglas Hill

Episode 11: Douglas Hill

June 15, 2021


Join me in Episode 11 for a conversation with Douglas Hill, Emeritus Professor of Music-Horn at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, past President of the IHS, and former member of the IHS Advisory Council.

Episode Highlights

  • Retiring from UW-Madison, remaining musically active post-retirement (Professor Hill retired from UW-Madison in 2011)
  • Activities during COVID-19
  • Lung surgery, cancer recovery
  • Past and current compositions for the horn, available online at
  • Article on unaccompanied horn music in the May 2021 issue of The Horn Call
  • The only constant is change…
  • Much love for Nancy Becknell!
  • His passion for birds and birding
  • Recent compositions
  • IHS thoughts
Bonus Episode: IHS 50th Anniversary Book

Bonus Episode: IHS 50th Anniversary Book

June 1, 2021




Join us for a discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker, Editor of a forthcoming special volume dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the IHS. Jeff is Professor of Horn at Central Washington University, and is a member of the IHS Advisory Council, Past President of the IHS, past Editor of The Horn Call, and was awarded the IHS Service Medal of Honor in 2020.

Episode Highlights

Overview of the 50th Anniversary volume
Discussion of the planning, creation process 
Anticipated release date
Where can someone buy the book?
Jeff’s Book on the Paris Conservatory is out soon by Routledge

Episode 10: Katy Ambrose

Episode 10: Katy Ambrose

May 15, 2021


In Episode 10 of The Horn Call Podcast I speak with Dr. Katy Ambrose, Visiting Assistant Professor of Horn at the University of Iowa, and author of the article "Unlocking the Past: William Lee and The Rodenbostel Horn at Mount Vernon” in the February 2021 issue of The Horn Call. *This episode was recorded on January 20, 2021.

Episode Highlights

  • What led Katy to her research on William Lee and the Rodenbostel Horn
  • Check out her article “Unlocking the Past: William Lee and The Rodenbostel Horn at Mount Vernon” in the February 2021 issue of The Horn Call.
  • Recording concerts during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • First rehearsals with an orchestra after a year apart
  • Resources for historical research
  • Getting the Billy Strayhorn suite published:
  • Katy’s video presentation, “The French Horn in the Lives of Musicians of African and Creole Descent in America, 1700-2000”
  • Being a founding member of Seraph Brass
  • Shout out to Jennifer Montone!
Episode 9: James Naigus and Drew Phillips

Episode 9: James Naigus and Drew Phillips

April 15, 2021



Join me for an educational (and fun!) discussion with Dr. James Naigus and Dr. Drew Phillips, Editors of the "Creative Hornist" and "Technique Tips" columns in The Horn Call. In addition to their work in The Horn Call, James and Drew are both active performers and full time college teachers.

Episode Highlights

  • James and Drew’s Horn Call Columns: Creative Hornist and Technique Tips
  • Shoutout to Professor Jeffry Agrell!
  • Why it’s good to “borrow” literature from other instruments
  • How they stay motivated and creative.
  • Their podcasts, The Complete Musician and James and Drew Talk about Everything
  • “There’s more to life than music…”
  • James and Drew are undefeated escape room champions.
  • “Teachers are people too.”
  • The first thing they are going to do when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
  • Why the original Nintendo controller is like the horn.
    It’s good to be a nerd!
Episode 8: Jeffrey Agrell

Episode 8: Jeffrey Agrell

March 15, 2021


In Episode 8, I sit down with Professor Jeffrey Agrell from the University of Iowa. Jeff is one of the most creative people I know, and he has brilliant ideas on improvisation, music education, and much more!

Episode Highlights

  • Why “limitations are a creative person’s best friend.”
  • Limitations force us to discover something new.
  • We are hardwired to not like change
  • Serial duets “I go, you go.”
  • We need aural training on our instrument(s).
  • Benefits of playing without notation.
  • Improv games
  • How improvisation “ties it all together.”
  • Recommended book: Cut the Knot, Alexander Bogomolny
  • Looking at “mistakes” in a different way
  • We are all born creative.
  • One of Jeff's many books, Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians
  • Another recommended book: Thinker Toys, Michael Michalko
  • SCAMPER: Substitute/Combine/Adapt/Modify(Also Magnify and Minify)/Put to another use/Eliminate/Retrograde
  • Shout out to Ricardo Matosinhos!
  • Why deadlines are really good.
  • You are not alone.
Bonus Episode: 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop Hosts Jonas Thoms and Albert Houde

Bonus Episode: 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop Hosts Jonas Thoms and Albert Houde

March 2, 2021

In this Bonus Episode, I speak with the hosts of the 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop, Jonas Thoms and Albert Houde. The 2021 NEHW will take place March 25-28, and features an impressive list of guest artists as well as numerous collaborating artists, presentations, and more.



Episode Highlights

  • Making the transition from an in-person workshop to a virtual one
  • Advantages to the virtual format
  • Biggest challenges of the format and what they are doing to address them
  • When it comes to virtual workshops, “Don’t just observe, engage.”
  • Horn Teaching Project
  • Albert will be premiering a new piece he commissioned from Frank Gulino at the NEHW
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