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Episode 7: John Ericson

Episode 7: John Ericson

February 15, 2021


Join us in Episode 7 of The Horn Call Podcast for a discussion about "Innovation in Horn Teaching and Performance" with Dr. John Ericson, Professor of Music at Arizona State University, and co-founder of Horn Matters.

Episode Highlights

  • John's 30 Modern Preparatory Etudes book
  • How he wrote his own etudes
  • Self-publishing
  • Challenging conventional wisdom in brass pedagogy
    • Mouthpiece pressure
    • Tonguing
    • A mouthpiece change can help!
    • Stainless steel and brass mouthpieces
    • Metal allergies
  • Now is a “Golden Age” for equipment
  • Innovation in chamber music
  • Dr. Ericson takes a sabbatical!
Episode 6: Frøydis Ree Wekre

Episode 6: Frøydis Ree Wekre

January 15, 2021


Our very special guest for Episode 6 ofThe Horn Call Podcast  is renowned performer and pedagogue Frøydis Ree Wekre. 

She is an Honorary Member and past President of the IHS.

Episode Highlights

  • Her new book, Collected Writings
  • Developing your teaching, learning how to get to the point quickly
  • Benefit of having a group of pedagogues sharing ideas, recording your teaching
  • How to stay positive in your career
  • Aging and horn playing
  • Staying motivated and helping your students stay motivated
  • Different types of intonation: tempered, melodic (expressive or horizontal), harmonic (just)
  • Join the IHS: It’s the right thing to do.
  • Memorable Horn Symposia
  • Hear her performance of Bujanovsky’s España live at the 1982 IHS Symposium in Avignon, France
New Year Bonus Episode: Ib Lanzky-Otto (1940-2020)

New Year Bonus Episode: Ib Lanzky-Otto (1940-2020)

January 1, 2021


Happy New Year! In this New Year Bonus Episode, we share archival recordings in memory of Honorary Member Ib Lanzky-Otto (1940-2020). The first is from a lecture recital at the 1970 IHS Workshop in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, and the second is from a presentation at the 1972 IHS Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.


Episode 5: Jena Gardner

Episode 5: Jena Gardner

December 15, 2020

gardner.jpgDr. Jena Gardner is the Assistant Professor of Horn at Western Illinois University. Join us for a conversation about teaching, performing, and avoiding online teaching fatigue.

Episode Highlights

  • Shoutout to Gail Williams!
  • Growing up in California, studying with Jim Winter and David Krehbiel
  • We crave interaction as teachers
  • Self-care and avoiding “Zoom fatigue”
  • Yay for Alexander Technique!
  • Fundamentals and self-awareness are important.
  • 2020 Western Horn Festival Group Warmup -
  • Sing, Buzz, Play!
  • Shoutout to Bill Caballero!
  • Networks, relationships are important to your career and well being.
  • We meet Jena’s cat!
  • IHS Composition Contest
Holiday Bonus Episode: David Krehbiel

Holiday Bonus Episode: David Krehbiel

December 1, 2020


We hope you enjoy this special Holiday Bonus Episode of The Horn Call Podcast. Join me for a conversation with David Krehbiel, retired Principal Horn of the San Francisco Symphony, and author of Through the Door: A Horn Player's Journey.

Episode Highlights

  • His new book, Through the Door: A Horn Player’s Journey
  • Creative Not Caring
  • Spiritual journey through music and horn playing.
  • His audition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Memorable moments from his career, including a performance with the San Francisco Symphony following 9/11 and an improvised duet with Dale Clevenger at the 1971 International Horn Symposium.
  • Why join the IHS?
Episode 4: Margaret Tung

Episode 4: Margaret Tung

November 15, 2020

margaret_tung_400x532.jpgJoin me in Episode 4 of The Horn Call Podcast for a conversation with Dr. Margaret Tung, Visiting Assistant Professor of Horn at the University of Kentucky.

  • Episode Highlights
  • Benefits of having a university horn ensemble as a class
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Interviewing for a college teaching job and playing a recital while nine months pregnant.
  • Shoutout to Elizabeth Freimuth, Principal Horn of the Cincinnati Symphony!
  • “Quality over Quantity”
  • IHS Social Media strategy
  • Shoutout to Julia Burtscher, IHS Executive Director!
  • Mentoring that happens in a horn ensemble.
  • IHS Online Music Sales!
Episode 3: Gina Gillie

Episode 3: Gina Gillie

October 14, 2020

gina-gille-9-20-16-130x130.jpgJoin us in Episode 3 for a conversation with Dr. Gina Gillie. Gina is an Associate Professor of Music at Pacific Lutheran University where she teaches horn, composition, and aural skills, conducts a horn choir, and performs frequently with faculty groups and in solo and chamber recitals. As an orchestral player, she played Assistant Principal with Symphony Tacoma for 10 years and has also played with the Northwest Sinfonietta, the Seattle Soundtrack Orchestra, and the Auburn Symphony. She has soloed on natural horn with the Everett Philharmonic and Rainier Symphony. She is a member of two faculty chamber ensembles at PLU, the Camas Wind Quintet and the Lyric Brass Quintet.

  • Episode Highlights
  • Importance of singing for horn players
  • Thoughts on composing
  • Candid talk about recovering from embouchure overuse
  • Importance of other activities
  • "You’re more than your playing."
  • Why you shouldn’t impose a timeline on your recovery
  • How to support colleagues/friends who are recovering from a playing injury
  • Aerial Silks Video:
  • Elegant simplicity!
  • IHS Online Music Sales
  • Publishing information for composers
  • Gina explains the difference between a “Printing and Distribution” contract and a “Publishing” contract.
  • Why score study is important for composers.


Episode 2: Ricardo Matosinhos

Episode 2: Ricardo Matosinhos

September 13, 2020

In Episode 2 of The Horn Call Podcast I talk to award-winning hornist and composer Ricardo Matosinhos. Ricardo is currently teaching at the Academia de Música de Costa Cabral and attending the PhD program in Music and Musicology at the University of Évora. He is a member of the International Horn Society, the Portuguese Society of Authors and the GDA.


Episode Highlights

  • Overview of Ricardo's etudes and other compositions for horn
  • How he came to incorporate jazz influences into his compositions
  • Mutual respect and admiration for Douglas Hill!
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in Portugal
  • Tips for and experiences from online teaching
  • What happens if you speak Spanish in Portugal, and what happens if you speak Portuguese in Spain.
Episode 1: Andrew Pelletier

Episode 1: Andrew Pelletier

August 9, 2020

andrew-pelletier-6-2020.jpgIn Episode 1, I speak with Grammy Award winning hornist Andrew Pelletier, Professor of Horn at Bowling Green State University and current President of the International Horn Society.

Episode Highlights

  • What has Andrew been up to during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How do you get to be the President of the International Horn Society?
  • How did he end up moving to Southern California from Maine?
  • What was it like studying with James Decker at USC?
  • What do you do if you are about to hit a moose with your car?
  • Thoughts on motivation, horn playing, and "the big picture."
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