The Horn Call Podcast

Episode 8: Jeffrey Agrell

March 15, 2021


In Episode 8, I sit down with Professor Jeffrey Agrell from the University of Iowa. Jeff is one of the most creative people I know, and he has brilliant ideas on improvisation, music education, and much more!

Episode Highlights

  • Why “limitations are a creative person’s best friend.”
  • Limitations force us to discover something new.
  • We are hardwired to not like change
  • Serial duets “I go, you go.”
  • We need aural training on our instrument(s).
  • Benefits of playing without notation.
  • Improv games
  • How improvisation “ties it all together.”
  • Recommended book: Cut the Knot, Alexander Bogomolny
  • Looking at “mistakes” in a different way
  • We are all born creative.
  • One of Jeff's many books, Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians
  • Another recommended book: Thinker Toys, Michael Michalko
  • SCAMPER: Substitute/Combine/Adapt/Modify(Also Magnify and Minify)/Put to another use/Eliminate/Retrograde
  • Shout out to Ricardo Matosinhos!
  • Why deadlines are really good.
  • You are not alone.

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