The Horn Call Podcast

Episode 7: John Ericson

February 15, 2021


Join us in Episode 7 of The Horn Call Podcast for a discussion about "Innovation in Horn Teaching and Performance" with Dr. John Ericson, Professor of Music at Arizona State University, and co-founder of Horn Matters.

Episode Highlights

  • John's 30 Modern Preparatory Etudes book
  • How he wrote his own etudes
  • Self-publishing
  • Challenging conventional wisdom in brass pedagogy
    • Mouthpiece pressure
    • Tonguing
    • A mouthpiece change can help!
    • Stainless steel and brass mouthpieces
    • Metal allergies
  • Now is a “Golden Age” for equipment
  • Innovation in chamber music
  • Dr. Ericson takes a sabbatical!

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