The Horn Call Podcast

Episode 5: Jena Gardner

December 15, 2020

gardner.jpgDr. Jena Gardner is the Assistant Professor of Horn at Western Illinois University. Join us for a conversation about teaching, performing, and avoiding online teaching fatigue.

Episode Highlights

  • Shoutout to Gail Williams!
  • Growing up in California, studying with Jim Winter and David Krehbiel
  • We crave interaction as teachers
  • Self-care and avoiding “Zoom fatigue”
  • Yay for Alexander Technique!
  • Fundamentals and self-awareness are important.
  • 2020 Western Horn Festival Group Warmup -
  • Sing, Buzz, Play!
  • Shoutout to Bill Caballero!
  • Networks, relationships are important to your career and well being.
  • We meet Jena’s cat!
  • IHS Composition Contest

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