The Horn Call Podcast

Episode 13: Yasmeen Richards

August 27, 2021


We kick off Season 2 of the Horn Call Podcast with Yasmeen Richards, a free-lance musician based in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and teacher of horn at the Peabody Preparatory and Baltimore Symphony’s OrchKids. Yasmeen is also acting president and co-founder of the Chromatic Brass Collective.

Episode Highlights

  • Growing up in Southern California
  • Early study on the horn with Annie Bosler
  • “Lead with what you love.”
  • Studying at UCLA
  • Graduate study at Peabody and Denise Tryon
  • Working at IHS 47 in Los Angeles
  • Founding Chromatic Brass Collective:
  • Shoutouts to Annie Bosler and Denise Tryon!
  • What’s coming up for Chromatic Brass

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